Beach hunt – Ep 1


I love the beach.

Something about the sound of crashing waves, the salty sticky sea air and the feeling of sand between your toes… there truly is nothing better. I’d choose a dip in the sea any day over a boring old pool. (When you are spoilt for choice, you get to be picky)

Finding the best beaches in Sabah and visiting each and every one of them has become somewhat of an obsession. A quick check with Google, tells me every awesome beach takes way too long to get to. Don’t get me wrong, Tanjung Aru beach is lovely and the sunset is truly magnificent, but like… I want clear clean waters to swim in and I simply refuse to believe that there is nothing else around.

A random chat with a local leads me to discover Karambrunai. How have I been here for 3 months now, and only just discovered it? I honestly don’t know. The beach is truly something else and only a whopping 20 minutes from KK city centre. Worth the trip? Definitely.

ON the vast grounds of the resort
On the vast grounds of the resort

Karambrunai is a resort by Nexus. To say it is nice, is an understatement. It’s large beyond measure and should probably have it’s own area code (it probably does on hindsight) but I digress… what I’m trying to get at, is that it is huge and gorgeous. I believe my colleague summed it up quite succinctly “It’s like Bali but… Sabah”. Hell of a sales pitch, I know.

We got there at about 3pm and we were greeted by this…

Karambrunai beach
And it was all ours
Karambrunai beach

We literally had all this beach to ourselves, though eventually around 5 maybe 10 other people showed up, Still plenty of beach to go around. With clear clean waters ( in shoulder deep and I can still see my feet) and loads of crabs scurrying about everywhere. What more could one ask for ey?

Not a place for snorkelling, but definitely a place for a quick dip and general lazing around catching up on some sun.

Best bit? Most Sabahans will tell you, it’s just ok.

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