Bukit Kokol


Bukit Kokol (Kokol Hill) is give or take 40 minutes from KK City in Menggatal. It had rained all morning the day we decided to visit, so we only made our way up sometime after mid day. The roads are windy and some parts are a bit steep, so if you have a 4WD you’re good to go, though other sedans make it up just fine as well.

Kokol Haven Resort

The view as you walk in to Kokol Haven Resort is breathtaking – as you’ve got a view of the entire city and the surrounding islands as well. The weather dips to about 20-23 degrees, not counting on the wind chill – so a cardigan or wrap goes along way.

We made a new friend – who would only pose for snacks.
Play area and some guys playing basketball.After lazing about and having a quick cuppa (I wish they had a high-tea menu ) we were on our way again. This time stopping by Kasih Sayang Resort as the view right outside the resort and within is different – less city view and just lush greenery with Mount Kinabalu and the valley.
View at Kasih Sayang Resort

I honestly cannot say which view is better, cause it really depends on the kind of person you are. I’d say the sunrise at Kasih Sayang Resort with the mist over the valley (which I’ve seen once) is special and the scene from Kokol Haven Resort at night when the sun sets is also lovely as you get to city all lit up from up above.

Well dressed pup we met along the way
The steep road home.

There isn’t very much to do per say at Kokol Hill except kick back, relax and enjoy the little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with some great views.

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