Have you seen the really elaborate Easter eggs halves full of all sorts of chocolate in the fancy chocolate shops? Well, we got one of those for my mother-in-law last year and while we love supporting a local chocolatier, there are times when my unrefined palate really craves your regular, run of the mill milk chocolate bar.

But then again, do Cadbury Creme Eggs count as run of the mill? 

Creme Eggs were virtually impossible to get in Malaysia when I was little and on the rare occasion that they were brought into speciality shops for Easter – I have to say they did not travel well. (Imagine a crumbly dried up substance in the middle as opposed to the smooth creamy goodness you are meant to have!) Needless to say, after that first disappointing experience, I stayed away from them.

Then I got to medical school in Dublin, where a lot of my classmates were obsessed with Creme Eggs. I really did not get what all the fuss and hype was about when I could get a Wispa/Flake/normal Cadbury bar for the same price. 

It was only after my friend Mike (best human being in the world) kept going on and on about them and was appalled that I too was not similarly obsessed. And when I said “I do not see what all the fuss is about?” – he took it upon himself to rectify this lapse in my judgement and presented me with one. Then everything changed. I finally understood what all the fuss was about and before I could get enough – Easter was over, they didn’t sell them anymore (why were they seasonal?) and I only had one Easter left before returning to the land devoid of Creme Eggs. Which meant I did not have enough time to eat my weight in Creme Eggs or at least to make me sick of them for a year or two let alone five.

So ignoring the fact that you are never quite satiated by just one Creme Egg, meaning you inadvertently consume about a thousand calories at a time – this has been one major perk of moving to the UK! And while I think we all go a bit crazy leading up to Easter, so much so that you do not really want to see another Creme Egg after. Push come to shove, if you are craving it there’s only a couple of months before they are available again because they start selling Easter Chocolates in January! 

Believe it or not, Dan loves Creme Eggs even more than I do. Whenever we go grocery shopping, a couple of bags of Creme Eggs/Mini Eggs miraculously find their way into our cart, conveniently hiding behind produce at the bottom so that I only notice them once I am at the till. I have also seen a couple of Creme Egg wrappers fall out of his pocket as he reaches for his wallet or keys once he is home. He of course has NO IDEA how they got there, as he NEVER buys them on his way back home from work.

So for his birthday, I decided I should make him an Egg-ception. Little eggs within an egg (Inception movie reference check)

A chocolate egg stuffed to the brim with Mini eggs, Creme Eggs, Mini Creme Eggs and a couple of Malteser bunnies for good measure.  (see below)

This is the after photo, Dan had already gotten his hands on some of the chocolate inside.

And I think it turned out pretty well. I ended up getting a Large Mars Egg, cause Dan loves his Mars Bars – ( I think its safe to say he really likes chocolate at this point!). 

I then used a sharp knife that I had heated up with boiling water and let it melt the chocolate that holds the egg together. Filled the egg up as much as I could, made sure I could put both ends together again and then opened it ever so slightly to get as many Mini Eggs as possible in there. 

I then melted about 4 giant milk chocolate chips and used that to seal the egg with a teaspoon. (I do not recommend using leftover Creme Eggs or Malteser bunnies – they are much better eaten)

What did I use?

1 Large Chocolate Egg
4 Malteser Mini Bunnies
4 Large Creme Eggs (unwrapped)
1 packet of mini Creme Eggs (unwrapped)
Mini Eggs ( 3 X 80gm bags, 1 X 80gm or 1/2 bag family bag)

From the video, I think it is pretty obvious he loved his ‘really heavy’ Easter Egg.

Egg-ception video

With Easter around the corner, I thought maybe this would be something fun to try especially if you have a little extra time on your hands with the lockdown. If you were making an Egg-ception, what would you fill yours with?

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